Every week there’s news of a silent vigil-a response to lives cut short by violence, or darkened by abuse. This illustration was just completed for Island Health magazine.VIHA-Grief-web


Just breathe…..

Easy to say, but hard to do when your whole world is ablaze. Although this illustration for Island Health magazine is for an article on lung disease, it’s certainly relevant to anyone battling or living near the forest fires sweeping across British Columbia. May the rain come soon, and lots of it. Lung-Disease-170606-web.jpg

The Cheerful Season

…And so it is. Although I made this quilt (the image was painted on canvas and then stitched) to celebrate the birth of a friend’s baby, it’s perfectly at home as my Christmas post, illustrating as it does a happy family and a weirdly decorated tree. A merry Christmas and a jolly New Year to one and all!