About aprilcaverhill

I'm an illustrator par excellence working in Victoria BC.

I Have Seen Beautiful Jim Key

I’ve just completed this poster for Intrepid Theatre’s production of the young adult play, “I Have Seen Beautiful Jim Key”. Written by Intrepid’s Janet Munsil (a recent Governor General’s Award nominee), the tale of trust and kindness between a freed slave and his horse melted my heart.                                                                                                           In case you’re wondering, the space at the bottom of the art is for insertion of times, dates and ticket prices. All lettering is hand rendered!Jim-Key-960


Ugly is Beautiful!

Canadian farmers throw away a huge percentage of their fruit and vegetable crops because many consumers won’t buy produce that doesn’t look perfect. Get with it people! Ugly eggplants still taste great!Miss-Eggplant_WEB

Here! Now!

10012574_10152909597742806_6245331611228472271_nJust published-the winter edition of “here” magazine, with my art on the cover. A ton of loving hours went into this. For the record, my work is not computer generated-it’s all hand painted. Every piece of clothing I own has a blob of cobalt blue or scarlet on it somewhere.