Iceland, You are Not Forgotten!

While creating an illustrated journal during my artist residency in Iceland, I had a great time messing with photos from the local newspapers.


The Show Goes On….

Why didn’t I try this sooner? So far my online art show has garnered plenty of juicy feedback (thanks everyone!) plus there are no wine glasses to rent or cheese chunks in my potted plants. I’m adding new art each week until the end of 2021, so keep checking in by clicking the “Online Show” link in the bar above. And please leave me your thoughts; there’s a “leave a reply” option at the bottom of this post.

And here it is!

I’ve created an online gallery for my latest show. To visit, click on “52 Designs for Wearing Your Insides Outside” in the bar above. If you wish, leave your thoughts in “leave a reply” below. When scrolling upward through my gallery, a “follow” button will appear in the lower right corner of your screen. Clicking on it lets each new addition to my show arrive via your email inbox…and that’s a good thing!