L’il Rabbit

This bunny print was created by using watercolour paint on a sheet of acrylic coated in a thin layer of dish soap. It’s a finicky technique, but I adore the texture and subtlety of the result. Perfect for a rainy September afternoon, I’d say.IMG_5106

Peanut Butter Love

Admittedly, claims that peanut butter will increase your life expectancy probably aren’t true – but I say a toasted bagel smeared with the stuff is guaranteed to improve just about any artist’s morning.VIHA-Fake-News-web

Just breathe…..

Easy to say, but hard to do when your whole world is ablaze. Although this illustration for Island Health magazine is for an article on lung disease, it’s certainly relevant to anyone battling or living near the forest fires sweeping across British Columbia. May the rain come soon, and lots of it. Lung-Disease-170606-web.jpg